Historic Replications

Our team at Cheyenne are passionate about recreating historic architectural details.  We are achieving results with composite and synthetic materials that traditional wood cannot offer, with long-lasting maintenance benefits.  We are delighted to have helped numerous clients secure tax credits when preserving their historic properties.

Cheyenne approaches each project with utmost care and respect in handling original parts to be replicated.  Our team will work in partnership with your designers to craft a detailed solution to fit your budget expectations.  We take your confidence seriously, and are committed to providing the best outcomes for you.  Please contact us today!

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Featured Project!

Choate Rosemary Hall – Mellon Library




Testimonial of a Client who
Benefited from Cheyenne’s
Historic Replication Abilities

I have heard nothing but compliments on the front porch.  It came out amazing and is the perfect touch for the front of the building.

FIP Construction, Inc.

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